• Yearly subscriptions

    Yearly subscriptions

    QSA.net is billed on an annual basis, starting from the date of the first activation. At any time, by the date of the annual billing, you can change or end the subscription. This option offers 15% discount compared to the monthly fee: two months are for free.

  • Monthly subscriptions

    Monthly subscriptions

    QSA.net is billed monthly, based on the date of the first activation, without any constraint of time. This option provides the maximum flexibility as it allows you to change the configuration, reduce the number of accesses or stop the service on a monthly basis.
  • Additional services

    Additional services

    You can find here major additional services we have designed for our customers and that complement the offer of QSA.net.

  • A tool for integrated management

    QSA.net is a software offered as a service through the Cloud, which allows managing all the main business organizational processes defined by the International Standards regarding the Management Systems in an integrated, modular and flexible way.

  • An integrated management tool

    QSA.net is a unique tool that features document management, cloud storage, tickler organization, dashboards and communications that provide a review of each process typical of management systems complying with ISO standards.

  • A software that arises from experience

    The operating simplicity that characterizes QSA.net and the effectiveness of its features are the result of experience in the field by professional users and our Clients’ contribution.


Common features for all packages:

  • Built-in, ready-to-use processes that need an easy setup to start working
  • No installation required, you need only internet connectivity
  • Cross-platform (Windows, IoS, Android), you need just an Internet browser
  • Professional TIER 2 cloud datacenter infrastructure 
  • Protect your data with encryption key
  • Double level of authentication (corporate and personal)
  • Automatic backup included
  • SQL Database, unlimited storage space